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    Получи 500 Golden Eagles абсолютно бесплатно!

    Are you interested in a smaller package? Check out the 150 Gold Eagle award. Or maybe 500 is not enough? Order 1000 Golden Eagles or 2500 Golden Eagles for free.

    500 Golden Eagles bg

    500 Golden Eagles

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    Virtual currency in War Thunder are Golden Eagles, thanks to which you can buy upgrades and visual modifications in the game. Get 500 Golden Eagles to receive machines, Silver Lions, Research Point slots and a Premium Account for free. You will also buy talismans, trophies and reserves or additional place and experience for your crew. Not only the crew and equipment can be improved. Golden Eagles can also be used to buy emblems and skins that change the look of your machines. Do not wait, get 500 Golden Eagles for your Gaijn account for free!