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    Yasuo or Riven on Smurf acc?

    only yasuo mid or feed

    22 august 2019 11:52 77

    Both lol

    25 september 2019 18:35 77

    more players play yasuo because people think they can play him but sometimes it takes weeks to know how to play him

    29 september 2019 19:12 77

    Yasuo main disadvantage is that he is one of the hardest champions. Seemingly simple skills really aren't. You need to be able to play well in all directions. You need to farm well, be able to quickly move from target to target, use skills in time and react with lightning speed to the opportunity to successfully use the ult. It seems like every second Yasuo in my team has boosted lol acc. To reveal the full potential of the champion, you will need to play more than a dozen, or even hundreds of matches by him.

    14 april 2021 15:34 77

    Riven is the go to choice as while both have a high skill ceiling rivens never ends you can always learn new things. Even people like boxbox and adrians riven and other big name riven players find new tricks with her all the time. Other reason I say this both are feast or famine champions and riven doesn't feast as hard as yasuo does in a bad game since she has tools to play from behind with.

    19 april 2021 04:57 77

    Yasuo in my opinion

    8 may 2022 06:39 77

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