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    List of GameHag runes and their effects :D

    Below is a list of GameHag runes

    1 october 2017 06:06 1628

    ANSUS RUNE - Gives you +50% SG for 7 days by writing articles.
    BERKANA RUNE - Gives you a bonus of 50% SG when reffering to friends. This rune will be active for 7 days once you equipped it.
    FEHU RUNE - Gives you 10% SG for in-game tasks for 24 hours.
    HARL RUNE - Gives you +100% SG to mini games.
    MANNAZ RUNE - Gives you a bonus of +40% SG for daily login. This rune lasts for 7 days.
    RAIDO RUNE - Get +20% experience during 7 days.
    TIWAZ RUNE - Gives you +25% SG when you completing tasks from the walls of offers in 24 hours.

    This information is from: STRIX's Discord server (https://discord.gg/d8gvx6g)
    If you would like more help, I suggest that you join that Discord Server!

    1 october 2017 06:11 1628

    Claiming to be offline at discord for study purpose, then trying to help people on Gamehag forums😝😂

    Something i'd like to add about runes:

    Think VERY HARD if you decide to USE the rune for its bonus or just SELL it back to Gamehag for 50SG to avoid any disappointments!

    1 october 2017 06:24 1628

    I'm trying...

    1 october 2017 06:28 1628

    You can always click on the runes tab and read the info... Just to know. :)

    1 october 2017 22:28 1628

    For those who are too lazy to do that^

    2 october 2017 11:37 1628

    Thanks, you reminded me that I have a spare ansus rune :D

    2 october 2017 11:50 1628

    MANNAZ RUNE - Gives you a bonus of +40% SG for daily login. This rune lasts for 7 days.

    So how does this rune work?
    40%SG on daily login
    Thats 7 times 40% on 5sg = 14SG
    40% on 20sg login bonus = 8SG

    So a total bonus of 22SG on a rune that i can sell for 50SG???

    What am i missing coz this smells fishy 😝

    2 october 2017 12:20 1628

    Let me correct myself:
    It's brought to my attention that MANNAZ rune has a value of 5SG
    So it is profitable to use that one instead of selling it

    4 october 2017 04:24 1628

    I can't sell fehu rune.

    30 december 2017 21:55 1628

    This talk about runes brings us to the issue many, including myself are wondering:

    Why is it so that runes can no longer be purchased and are only possible to acquire through chests (or the weekly chest, to be more specific?) And why are Raido and Algiz runes in the circle of runes even though those two apparently can't be acquired anywhere?

    2 june 2019 08:54 1628

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