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    Kha'Zix Guide | League of Legends

    I'm mainly a Kha'Zix main, and I will teach you how to play with him in a correct way. Here, on Gamehag there is only a few LoL tutorials, so I thought I should make some. Please ratethis article, so I'll know how my first LoL article is.

    First of all, Kha'Zix is one of the best snowballing assasins and he has lots of different playstyles. So if you want to climb higher and love playing in jungle, you have to start playing Kha'Zix since he's the perfect solo carry champion in League. But if this isn't foe you, you can just read something about him so you'll know his strengh. Hope you like it ;)

    Kha´Zix Pros & Cons


    • Never banned in SoloQ
    • A very fun champion
    • Good one champion to one trick
    • Carry potential
    • Insane burst damag
    • Can easy one-shot enemy carries
    • Strong late game
    • High mobility
    • Low pick rate in SoloQ so you are almost always guaranteed to get Kha Zix


    • Weak if behind
    • Weak vs cc
    • Weak vs peel comp (Janna, Lulu etc.)

    Evolve order?

    Q is always the first, it helps you in wave clear and 1v1. Then usually W or E (if you ae fed), or R if you like his stealthing playstyle.

    Mainly E and R are the evoulutions that can get countered.

    E evolve is getting countered by cc, such as Poppy´s W, Veigar´s E or Janna´s Q and R while R evolve is getting countered by champions who can reveal stealth, such as Lee sin with his Q and E or Twisted Fate with his R.

    If you are against some of these champions you might want to evolve in a different way that you usually do :)

    Runes, Items

    I recommend Electrocute or Dark Harvest, but you can also choose Conqueror.


    Jungle path early game

    1. Red
    2. Krugs
    3. Raptors
    4. Wolves 
    5. Scuttle ****
    6. Gank or go to blue 
    7. If gank then reset if blue then clear gromp and then reset

    After reset go to Krugs and afterwards raptors

    You always wanna go for ganks if they are free over clearing a jungle camp

    Tips & Tricks for Kha Zix

    1. Passive unssen threat reset when ever going into unwarded bush
    2.  You can Tiamat + Q mid air if E is evolved
    3.  Your Q gets 50+ bonus range when evolved
    4.  Your Q is extended when mid air if E is evolved
    5.  Whenever kha is in ulti he is ignoring unit collision which means he can´t be minion blocked
    6.  Kha Zix W evolved gives sight of enemies
    7.  Your passive also slows which means your combo will look like this: aa + passive with slow + Q
    8.  Your ulti can cancel targeted abilities such as Darius ulti if timed correctly
    9.  Flash will cancel your E jump so use Flash then E not the opposite way around
    10.  Your Q is not an auto attack so you can still Q things such as Pantheon with passive block Jax with E counter strike active

    Bonus tip: Animation cancel on W after you have landed with e

    How to gank as Kha Zix?

    (don't go directly, aim for the way he'll use for escape)

    Try to gank laners who has cc, since kha´zix has no cc in his kit except one little slow in his passive

    If enemy laner has flash up:
    Try to come up behind the enemy laner Go in auto attack with passive for slow Use Q on the enemy to burst USe R to become invisible and reset your passive and then auto attack to proc your passive extra damage and slow again (do this twice, combined with your R and Q) Use W while in close range of the enemy to gain heal back Use E after enemy flashed to keep on being in range with Q and auto attack

    If enemy laner doesn´t have flash up:
    Use E to instantly be in range of the enemy Use Q and Auto attacks for damage USe R to become invisible and reset your passive and then auto attack to proc your passive extra damage and slow again (do this twice, combined with your R and Q) Use W while in close range to gain heal back In teamfights, your job is to assasinate the enemy carry (adc or mid laner) so enemy won't have enough to win the fight. Or other thing is before teamfight you maybe catch someone in the jungle and kill him, making the next teamfight unfair.

    That's all for now, I hope I could show you something new, if you are interested in LoL tutorials, rate this article and comment, that's how you can let me know it. :)


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