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    Worms is a strategic turn-based game in which we control a group of human-like worms who want to eliminate the opposing team at all costs. Once again, we fight on small, two-dimensional arena, where our task is to eliminate all enemies on the map. The game has been divided into turns, which introduces an additional strategic element - each player has a specific time to move the worm and perform an attack. The one and only limitation in the ability to perform any maneuver is the time.

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    Team17 Group is a British producer and publisher of video games located in Wakefield, England. The venture was created in December 1990 thanks to the merger of the British publisher 17-Bit Software and the Swedish developer Team 7.

    Put on a grenade belt and start the adventure with the original and classic Worms - turn based strategy game! Up to 4 teams of worms fight on battlefield in which we can find falling crates full of weapons, crazy exploding sheep and many more. Worms is the winner of many industry awards!

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