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    MP7 | Armor Core bg

    Get MP7 | Armor Core absolutely for free!

    MP7 | Armor Core bg

    MP7 | Armor Core

    CS:GO Skins

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    CS:GO Skins


    The MP7 is a perfect choice for a player who prefers a short-range combat style. This submachine gun is very accurate and has a high rate of fire, thanks to which it is ideal for eliminating opponents at medium distances. It has been painted with a matte black hydrographic with the image of an armored core as a template. Exchange your Soul Gems for the MP7 Armor Core. The MP7 is a lightweight and compact SMG. It's a popular choice for many players because of its high rate of fire. The MP7 comes with a silencer which not only provides soundproofing, but also reduces recoil. The MP7 | Armor Core was designed after the armor of the robot from the motion picture "Aliens." Exchange your Soul Gems for this skin.

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