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    Europa Universalis III is a strategy game. The title is the third full-fledged part of the known and liked series. The player takes on the role of the steward of the nation and his task is to manage it for 350 years. The task is not simple! In order for the state to function well, all important elements should be taken into account - diplomacy, army, trade, economy and even religion. The story takes the player to the 15th century. Efforts were made to faithfully recreate the main features of this period, including technical and scientific progress. This is making the game certainly more attractive. Europa Universalis III (Complete Edition) is a game in a complete edition.

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    Europa Universalis III (Complete Edition)

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    Europa Universalis III is the third full-fledged part of a series of strategy games highly valued by players around the world.

    The game allows you to move back to the mid-15th century. The task is to manage the chosen nation for 350 years! Each element of the management is important for the state to work properly. You should take care of diplomacy, economy, trade, army and religion.

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