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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game WWE Champions

    I like the concept of the game but its too boring to play

    15 september 2019 05:29

    And his is John Cena :)))) *Music appear and John Cena come out*

    19 january 2020 16:06

    I have just seen Batista's beating legendary list on Youtube in this morning

    19 january 2020 16:07

    And his is John Cena. tan tana tan.
    amazing game i love it every one should try this . give it 9/10

    24 april 2020 09:13

    It was a rlly good game before but nowdays its trash

    14 may 2020 08:40

    this game sounds fun but the characters are so biased i think tis fine

    26 may 2020 18:31

    benchod ki game hai maahioveta ne banai hai hame mahiovee ne saree

    2 june 2020 20:52

    WWE Champions is so very nise good job creators

    29 june 2020 12:29

    WWE Champions is very good game i play it every day

    27 january 2021 21:08

    amazing game i love it every one should try this . i recommend to play the game is so fun!

    20 february 2021 23:54

    Cena is fun in this game but not as much as the rock.

    21 september 2021 04:21

    Wrestling fans will enjoy this game. Yes, getting stronger wrestlers and progressing in this game takes time, but join a faction that will help you improve

    8 october 2021 23:07

    the game makes you spend some fun time but i do not think that it is enjoyable if you want a game to play for a long time. wwe supercard would be the better choice probably.

    8 november 2021 17:50

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