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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Final Fantasy XV

    i don't have any comments of this game, cause i never played this game before LOL

    13 february 2020 03:19

    I love this game so much! Final Fantasy XV is the best game forever!

    20 february 2020 06:41

    the game is not interesting , better to play games on console

    16 april 2020 19:19

    it was a fun game before tho the new one is better

    18 may 2020 15:14

    In my opinion, this is overeated, gotta give it a 3/10, there is a lot of games like this, and they are better then ff

    6 september 2020 21:44

    looking to try this game out, i'm a fun of fina fantasy universe

    1 december 2020 07:17

    Final Fantasy XV is not a perfect game. It is ripe with flaws, some small and others particularly awful. The game's plot is a mess (a side effect of huge chunks of its story being separated into DLC and spin-off promotional movies and anime), and its side quests are uninspired and overly simple.

    16 october 2021 12:29

    Final Fantasy XV is for me the best game in the entire Final Fantasy series. Beautiful graphics, pure gameplay, engaging storyline. Great!

    17 october 2021 14:10

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