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    Get Superhot: Mind Control Delete absolutely for free!

    Superhot: Mind Control Delete is an add-on to the cult shooter SUPERHOT, which is a standalone game, premiered on July 2020. Each player traditionally takes on the role of a hero to deal with opponents using firearms. In this expansion pack, the player not only gets a huge set of new maps to explore, but also rougelike - inspired elements such as longer stories and challenges. Exchange your Soul Gems for Superhot: Mind Control Delete and try your shooting tactics! You will enjoy new elements of the game!

    Superhot: Mind Control Delete bg

    Superhot: Mind Control Delete

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    Everyone sometimes wants to play a good shooter, thanks to which they will break away from reality for a moment and give themselves to a virtual battle. One of such games is Superhot: Mind Control Delete.

    Now you can play it thanks to the Gamehag platform. Collect points in the form of Soul Gems there through active user activity, and then exchange them for unique rewards.

    This time, a standalone expansion pack to the popular SUPERHOT shooter, Mind Control Delete, is waiting for you. Swap Soul Gems and defeat all opponents!