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    Get Last Year: The Nightmare absolutely for free!

    Last Year: The Nightmare is a first-person survival horror developed by the independent studio Elastic Games. The team includes developers who once worked on such series as Far Cry, Hitman or Tomb Raider.

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    Last Year: The Nightmare

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    Last Year: The Nightmare for free!

    Get for free the key for Last Year: The Nightmare, survival horror presented from a first-person perspective. The title is inspired by popular film slashers and provides a huge thrill.

    Multiplayer in Last Year: The Nightmare is asymmetrical and has been designed maximum for six players. We take control over five teenagers, students of a stereotypical American school. The sixth person impersonates a terrifying psychopath.

    In order to get out of the nightmare in which they find themselves, teenagers have to cooperate and actively play certain roles (it is important to properly use the strengths of individual characters, such as medical skills, knowledge of chemistry or physical strength). Murderers also have a variety of skills to choose between.

    Get Last Year: The Nightmare for free and try how long you'll survive in the real world of horror!