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    MMOs offering players the opportunity to fight using a variety of war machines are extremely popular. The Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment, which is famous primarily for War Thunder, Birds of Steel and Star Conflict, is definitely among the developers specializing in these types of titles. The game Crossout is another work of this studio, released in 2017.

    Crossout allows players to build war machines by themselves and then improve, develop and arm them. An interesting twist of this game, however, is its setting - the game was set in the realities of the post-apocalypse, and all vehicles are powered by, among others, wind power. Interesting improvements and additions to the machines can be obtained by buying a Crossout Premium account.


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    Crossout is an interesting MMO game set in the realities of the post-apocalypse. This title was created by a huge Russian studio, Gaijin Entertainment, known among others from War Thunder.

    Crossouts gameplay resembles slightly different titles produced by Gaijin. It focuses on creating post-apocalyptic machines - rovers that can be upgraded, armed and expanded during the game. Players can create real war machines.

    Crossout offers its players gameplay in the free-to-play business model with micropayments. This means that its basic version is free and available to everyone. However, you can buy interesting cosmetic accessories and a Premium account which has no restrictions. If you would like to play Crossout as a Premium player too, exchange your Soul Gems for Crossout Premium today!