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    Crackdown 3 is a futuristic sci-fi game which has been embedded in a science fiction setting. Crackdown 3 is a game created by two studios - Reagent Games and Sumo Digital. Crackdown 3 is the continuation of an outstanding series of action games, which finally has an installment for the consoles of the eighth generation.

    Crackdown 3 tells the story embedded in the timeline ten years after the events known form Crackdown 2. The game has an open world and is based on the adventures of the Guardian of the Law. Our hero, working for The Agency, must face dangerous criminals who once again attacked the city.

    Crackdown 3 bg

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    Crackdown 3 is an interesting, sandbox action game which is embedded in a futuristic style. C3 is the third part of the game series which has been finally created for eighth generation consoles. The game was created by two studies - Reagent Games and Sumo Digital. In addition, Crackdown 3 is an exclusive position for the Xbox and PC. The plot of the game is focusing on the adventures of the Guardian of the Law, who fights for the rule of law and security of the metropolis. He must protect the city from dangerous criminals.

    If you want to delve into the world of this multiplayer sci-fi shooter, in which you play as the Guardian of the Law working for The Agency, be sure to exchange your Soul Gems for your own copy of the game!