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    Gearbox Software is an American publisher of video games. Established in 1999, the studio is best known for the Borderlands and Brothers in Arms series. It also created some additions to the first Half-Life.

    Borderlands GOTY is the remaster of a wildly popular shooter-looter game telling the adventures of the Vault Hunters on the hostile planet Pandora. There are four types of characters available to play: siren, berserker, sniper and universal soldier. The game has refreshed the graphic design thanks to the improvement of textures and the environment. The game works in 4k resolution. The GOTY version has all available DLCs for the game.

    The game has been improved using solutions from the second part of the series.

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    Borderlands GOTY is the remastered Borderlands version created by Gearbox Software. The studio is known for the production of such series of games as Brothers in Arms or newer installments of the Duke Nukem franchise.

    The story takes place on the planet Pandora. The player becomes one of the so-called Vault Hunters wandering the inhospitable world, searching for a mythical crypt that opens once in 200 years. It is believed, that in the crypt there are immense riches waiting for the lucky finder. In the game, you can play solo or with friends in a group of maximum four people.

    Do you want to try your hand at finding a hidden crypt somewhere on a dangerous planet? Exchange your Soul Gems now and go on a quest!