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    Among Us it is widely popular among players from all over the world. This is a production released by InnerSloth studio in 2018. Originally it was available for mobile devices (Android and Apple iOS), but it was soon also available for computers. Due to the very simple graphics and the whole seen from the top-down perspective, the gameplay seems simple - but these are appearances. When preparing a spaceship for travel, we must be on guard while performing tasks. Each seemingly friendly player can turn out to be a saboteur who will thwart our plans on the way to success. An additional advantage of Among Us is the cross-platform multiplayer function - using a mobile device, we can share the game with computer users.


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    Can a game with simple (though clear!) 2D graphics be successful in 2018 and the following years? Yes! And this fact is confirmed by Among Us, released by InnerSloth for mobile devices (Android and iOS) and computers.

    In this title, the player takes on the role of a crew member of a spacecraft that is just being prepared for departure. While performing our tasks, we must be especially careful all the time - a saboteur who wants to destroy the work of the crew is among us and can attack at any time. An additional advantage of Among Us are the options for personalizing the character we controlt and options for modifying the game - e.g. by increasing the pool of tasks to be performed.

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