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    Recently played

    Desert Operations

    Desert Operations is among the most famous browser strategy games. Lead a country and develop it, in order to become a power. Make alliances with other players and together attack, declare wars and become invincible! Take care of your economy, develop your army in order to acquire even better units and defend yourself against ot...

    Big Farm

    Do you like living in a countryside? Would you like to start your own farm? To raise animals, plant seeds and harvest crops? This game is perfect for you! Big Farm will definitely make this dream come true with its pleasing to the eye and colourful graphics. Lead a life of a farmer, get paid for your hard work and enjoy the effe...

    Shakes and Fidget

    Shakes and Fidget is a RPG browser game set in a fantasy world. At the very beginning, we make our character by choosing between nine races: the Humans, the Elves, the Dwarfs, the Gnomes, the Orcs, the Dark Elves, the Goblins and the Demons and then, between three classes: the Warrior, the Mage and the Hunter. Our main quest is ...

    Sizzling Hot

    Sizzling Hog is a free game which remind us of the poker machines. The rules of the game are extremely simple. You start the game by recharging the machine with some credit. The aim of this game is to put five defined symbols in one line. The symbols are deployed on five rollers and there are many combinations that can be shown ...

    League of Angels

    In the game: League of Angels we are transferred to a fantasy world where we confront the deadly eternal fight between the angels and demons. At the beginning we have to choose the class of our hero: the Warrior, the Mage or the Archer. The angels, that stand on the side of humanity, will accompany and help us during the fights....

    Star Wars The Old Republic

    Star Wars the Old Republic is a long awaited MMORPG game which is a phenomenon among the other free-to-play games of its kind. The character creation can be a problem, since the races and classes are so many, that it is hard to opt just for one! The creators worked very hard and they brought to the game eleven different races or...

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