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    masniutkooo2 Flag pl

    38 minutes ago


    Ansus Rune
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    opened June Premieres' Chest and won Réel Futur.
    5 days ago
    masniutkooo2 badge
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    Reached 2 level
    5 days ago
    masniutkooo2 badge
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    opened Mobile App Chest and won Runa Ansus.
    1 week ago


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    Warframe is in fact the name of the super-advanced armor our character is wearing; which has been unexpectedly woke from the hibernation by a mysterious individual known as the Lotus. The character will have one, simple objective – fight dozens of enemies to reunite the space colonies overwhelmed by wars between three major fact...

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    World of Warships - Free Premium Bonus!

    Premium ship Nassau + 500 Doublons + 2 000 000 silver!!! Offer is for new players only!Nassau — German Tier III battleship. This battleship is notable for reliable armor, good torpedo protection, and a powerful secondary battery. He carry 283 mm guns that are not inferior in many aspects to larger-caliber gun systems adopted by ...

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