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    Commented subject i have soulgems I want some RP.
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    that's worth 1380 ****, but nvm

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    Commented subject i have soulgems I want some RP.
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    seems i like i cant' claim any rp here, so I'm looking to trade 6400 SG for RP

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    It is one of the great exclusives that PS4 will have before being relieved of its services by PS5. We speak of course of Ghost of Tsushima, the new title of Sucker Punch Productions, a studio that since 2011 belongs to Sony Computer Entertainment. Sucker Punch is nothing less than the author of Infamous and Sly Cooper licenses, in addition to the developer of other relevant games such as Street Fighter X Tekken.

    This samurai game was announced in October 2017, at a conference that Sony Interactive Entertainment offered at the Paris Games Week. It was subsequently shown at several events, such as E3 2018, the State of Play, E3 2019 or The Game Awards 2019. The development of Ghost of Tsushima began in late 2014 or early 2015 , after the launch by the studio from Infamous First Light. Therefore, we talk about a large project with more than 5 years of work.


    Ghost of Tsushima: Release Date for PS4

    In March 2020, Sony finally confirmed the date that all players were waiting for. Ghost of Tsushima has a launch scheduled for June 26, in the summer of 2020 , for many an even closer to expected date. And the players were waiting for him at the end of the year, but here we must keep in mind that by the end of the year the new consoles will arrive, and this could detract from some prominence.

    On the other hand, the date chosen is close to the launch of The Last of Us Part II , about a month later, but we must remember that the title of Naughty Dog has suffered a long delay that has disrupted the 2020 launch plans .

    Ghost of Tsushima


    Ghost of Tsushima on PC or PS5

    Although there is no confirmation at the moment, many rumors place the game on other platforms in the future. As with Death Stranding, a PC launch of this Sony exclusive is not ruled out , since theoretically the Japanese company wants to start being strong also in the PC video game market. 

    That is why it is said that the company's exclusive will arrive on PC one or two years after its premiere on PlayStation consoles. And speaking of consoles, for many Ghost of Tsushima on PS5 it is a very realistic possibility . Among the games that can have a cross generation launch, without a doubt this has many ballots.

    The Ghost of Tsushima Collector's Edition for PS4

    Ghost of Tsushima at its premiere will have several editions that have been confirmed alongside the release date. A project of such magnitude on the part of the creators of Infamous could not remain without their corresponding special editions. Attentive to all collectors, this is what includes the Digital Deluxe, the Special Edition and the Collector's Edition :
    Image result for ghost of tsushima ps4

    The story: A ghost during the invasion of the Mongol Empire in Japan

    Ghost of Tsushima

    In the PS4 samurai game Ghost of Tsushima, players are situated in one of the darkest times in the history of the Japanese Empire. In June 2020, PS4 users will actually return to 1274, where real history tells us that one of the many invasions of the Mongol Empire came to touch Japanese land on the Japanese islands belonging to Kyushu, in the south of the country. 

    A huge fleet of the Mongol Empire transported 15,000 Mongolian and Chinese warriors, along with 8,000 Korean soldiers, in more than 300 warships and another 500 smaller vessels. They touched Japanese soil on the islands of Tsushima and Iki on November 19, anchoring in Hakata Bay. It is just this historical moment where Sucker Punch has wanted to set a story that undoubtedly offers many real dyes but also of the epic samurai cinema .

    In this context we put ourselves in the shoes of samurai warrior Jin Sakai , who after the invasion of the Mongols on the island, will do everything possible to protect his people and recover his home. Tsushima is not only his home, it is also the only barrier that separates the rest of Japan from the massive invasion of his enemies.

    A visual show at the height of Akira Kurosawa's tapes

    Shimura, Mr. Tsushima and Jin's uncle, trained the protagonist since childhood according to samurai tradition. His is the first seed of those who will end up becoming the Phantom of Tsushima , a name that will arouse fear among the members of the invading Mongol army.

    Not only Jin's story, character design and the world remind us greatly of the great samurai works of Akira Kurosawa . Also its open world of action and adventure, the care for details, the plans chosen ... 

    Ghost of Tsushima

    Fans of classic films of the genre such as The Seven Samurai, Rashōmon or Yojimbo of Kurosawa, The Sunset of the Samurai of Yôji Yamada, 13 murderers of Eiichi Kudo or Harakiri of Masaki Kobayashi, will notice a seal that undoubtedly reminds us of this type of cinema. For history, characters, sobriety, battles of katanas, samurai code, etc. 

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    1 year ago

    It is one of the strangest games of recent times and, even so, also one of the most anticipated. More than three years after it was announced, Death Stranding , the latest blockbuster of the Japanese creative Hideo Kojima for PlayStation 4 , arrives at stores worldwide .

    On this occasion, the father of the acclaimed Metal Gear series flees from the action and grandiloquence for which he is known to present an intimate science fiction adventure that promises to be different from everything seen so far.

    Death Stranding has been generating that media noise for years that is only reserved for those titles that transcend its consideration of play to become something that goes beyond, into an event . The participation of well known actors, their ultrarealistic visual section or the charism of Kojima himself have helped today to look at the world of electronic leisure.

    "Human beings have built walls and got used to living in isolation." Behind this cryptic message, the same one that Kojima himself used a few months ago to unveil the plot of his latest work, is the starting point of Death Stranding. The world is in ruins after a mysterious incident and it is our duty to travel to reconnect the human cities that have been isolated.

    Death Stranding puts the player in the shoes of Sam Porter , a man whose mission is to transport goods between the cities of a totally desolate United States. Said in this way it may seem a bit strange, but, precisely, this is the grace of the game developed by Kojima Productions , its ability to surprise with a premise so far from the canons of action, action and more action to which we are accustomed most large productions of the interactive medium.

    Image of Death Stranding video game

    As the specialized media that have had early access to the game have reflected, Death Stranding is something completely different . Its main dynamic is to travel a huge open world delivering containers of merchandise, but each of these trips requires great planning, strategic thinking when deciding the most suitable route and intuition to advance to possible setbacks. It also has an interesting online component , as players, despite not coinciding during the game, can collaborate with each other by building structures that help the protagonist to rest or overcome obstacles.

    In his trip from end to end in the United States , Sam Porter finds threats and enemies, but the moments of action - although present - represent a very insignificant part in a game whose duration can reach 50 or 60 hours . Precisely, because of its particular playable proposal, many critics have agreed that, perhaps, Death Stranding is not a title that will be unanimously liked.

    Now, where the game has generated a great consensus is in relation to its production values . The debut title of Kojima Productions uses the Decima graphics engine that was already used in Horizon: Zero Down and the results are a new leap in terms of realism in the world of videogames.

    It highlights the artistic value of the beautiful natural environments , but even more the surprising fidelity with which the cast of actors has been recreated, such as Mads Mikkelsen (Hannibal), Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead) or Margaret Qualle and (Once Upon a Time in ... Hollywood), or Kojima's own friends, such as film directors Guillermo del Toro (The Shape of Water) or Nicolas Winding Refn (Drive), who also appear in the game.

    Image result for death stranding

    After years of making noise, of enigmatic trailers that have made fans strive to imagine what Hideo Kojima's new game would look like, today, finally, the mystery ends with the release of Death Stranding. A few years ago, veteran game designer Chris Crawford shouted in the sky at the inability of video games to reflect human feelings . Technological advances, narratives and the knowledge of game creators themselves are making this statement less and less meaningful, and that is a great achievement for the interactive media.


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    1 year ago

    Resident Evil games there are a few. There are the main episodes of the brand, the spin-of, in addition to the remastering. In short, we have Resident Evil games to give and take, but which ones are the best? Today we will get you out of doubt with what we believe is the list of essential games whether or not you have entered your universe.

    The best Resident Evil games: Survival horror in its purest form

      Although Alone in the Dark opened the door to Survival Horror, it was not until the arrival of Resident Evil when the genre really began to be noticed. The saga kicked off taking us to the Spencer Mansion. A home a priori cozy but in which we expected a nightmare of biblical proportions that will only increase years later thanks to their deliveries. One of the charms of the first Resident Evil was, precisely, to introduce us to a mansion with zombies that in turn was full of secrets, puzzles and inaccessible areas that we would have to unlock little by little. 

    The success of his first part earned him a sequel, considered today as the most round work of the genre. From here, the rest is history. Resident Evil 2 gave way to new characters, some authentic icons within the industry. Later Jill Valentine and many other names would come to the brand. To the misfortune of some and the comfort of others, the franchise seemed to turn over the years towards the genre of action, thus moving away from its roots in which managing ammunition and fighting was key to survival. 

    Be that as it may, it seems that Capcom has resumed the path that saw the birth of Resident Evil. With Resident Evil 7 as the main proof of this and later with Resident Evil 2 Remake, the Japanese company is determined to return its maximum splendor to the IP. If you want to get into the saga in style or want to play some of the best Resident Evil games , do not hesitate to take a look at the titles that await you below. 

    Resident Evil HD Remaster

    Resident Evil Zero (2002 - Gamecube)


      Resident Evil Zero is literally the last classic-style game to land in the franchise. And when we talk about classic style we mean its good handful of puzzles, variety of scenarios, ammo management and of course the fixed camera. A real joy that came exclusively to Gamecube at the beginning of 2000. Luckily and thanks to the corresponding remastering in the current generation we can enjoy in a wide number of platforms. Undoubtedly one of the great Resident Evil, with special mention to its first level and that claustrophobic train. 

    Resident Evil HD Remaster

    Resident Evil (2002 - Gamecube)


      The remake of the remake. A real wonder that Gamecube owners could enjoy back in 2002. The change compared to the PSX version and the Nintendo 'cube' still leaves more than one mouth open. Of course the levels, their designs and the playable essence of the brand were respected. But it was precisely the incredible face lift that made him one of the most incredible experiences of the genre. 

    Resident Evil 2 Remake

    Resident Evil 2 Remake (2019 - Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)


      If RE1 is a great remake, Resident Evil 2 Remake is their father. We do not know how Capcom has been able to perform such work in such a round, seamless way. Certain elements have been altered, perhaps part of the most iconic, such as the fixed camera. For the rest, and despite the third-person perspective and the addition of new narrative elements Resident Evil 2 Remake is simply spectacular. Impossible not to mention the graphic engine of the title, achieving a photorealistic section that even taking dozens of hours of play will keep you with your eyes wide. In our opinion, one of those titles that can perfectly cover the list of best Resident Evil games . 

    Resident Evil 4 HD

    Resident Evil 4 (2005 - Gamecube)


      Resident Evil 4 was the saga game that changed everything. The first title of the brand in third person, with camera on the shoulder and that would serve as inspiration for Gears of War. Resident Evil 4 divided the users, but today and years after its premiere it is considered a real gem. We traveled to Spain to rescue the president of the United States. A mission that is not simple and would only complicate at every step. Resident Evil 4 stood out for its spectacular levels and a unique setting, being one of the most demanded to adapt to Remake. 

    Resident Evil Revelations

    Resident Evil Revelations (2012 - 3DS)


      With a formula already adapted to the third-person perspective and a small return to survival horror, Resident Evil Revelations arrived at Nintendo 3DS with claims to recover the roots of the franchise. A huge ship became the main stage of the title, finding all kinds of creatures to face. To all this we had to add research mechanics linked to the use of a gadget that allowed us, among other things, to determine the weaknesses of the enemies. 

    Resident Evil 7

    Resident Evil 7 (2017 - Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC)


      The expectations with Resident Evil 7 were many. Capcom returned with a new delivery numbered after the failure with the sixth episode, a game that is considered by many to be the worst in the IP. However, the company did its homework well, making it one of the best Resident Evil games . Of course, the work was not without new features. A first-person perspective was chosen, in addition to an even more terrifying plot and setting if possible. The result was outstanding, introducing this concept of survival again and knowing how to manage inventory items. 

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    Commented subject Astral Chain Nintendo - Review.
    1 year ago

    There are many exclusive Nintendo hybrid console that are prepared to leave us speechless. This is the case of Astral Chain, the new action-adventure hack and slash video game developed by PlatinumGames and published by Nintendo for Nintendo Switch.

      Although there are many developers who manage to leave us speechless, Platinum Games has an approach to action games that is unique and worthy of admiration, especially when we see that this brings with it amazing titles such as NieR: Automata or Bayonetta. Such is the quality of their games that it is not surprising that players look forward to their arrival.

    An Exclusive Title Full of Action and Dangerous Creatures:

    As the adventure begins in Astral Chain, you have the feeling that you are in a movie. An epic introduction and a staging of the most innovative will make you feel that you are an actor or actress who takes his first steps in the world of cinema. Although all this loaded with action and a frantic pace that will inevitably focus on the game.


    A Futuristic City Full of Dangers:

       In this amazing title we will reach a dystopian future of science fiction in which humanity has been forced to take refuge in El Arca. This gigantic city will serve as the last place to keep humanity safe from the chimeras, creatures that will be willing to kidnap people while trying to drag them into another world that is known as the Astral Plane.

    But to avoid this great danger we find the Neuron police group, agents prepared to fight the invaders, who are invisible to the human eye . Although these will not be alone, but will have the impressive support of the legions, living weapons created to detect and combat these threats.


    With such an enigmatic narrative plot, the game has the unique ability to absorb, to make time pass without really being aware of the time that has passed. And it is that as you go through the place, you cannot avoid wanting to explore , talk with the inhabitants and colleagues while facing each and every one of the enemies who will be more than willing to go into battle, regardless of whether we are prepared or not.

    An Introduction Worthy of an Action Movie:


    Being one of the members of Neuron, we will have to learn the movements. It may seem a bit complicated at first, but the reality is that, as danger lurks, you feel you can do anything . Combine weapons but, above all, our movements with the legion. A deep gameplay in which we will be taught the importance of keeping pace with our legion.

    After passing the tutorial, we will have the opportunity to test what I learned in a new tutorial. And it is strongly advised to try it and try to learn with the best ease the buttons since, once you are in full action, you will be grateful to be able to make the combos, especially when one of those chimeras seems prepared to give you the final blow and the legion does not It is available to protect you.

    A Game in Which With Combos We Can Do Real Wonders:


    As is well advised in each of the tutorials, working with our legion can make our fighting unique. As the possibility of chaining the chimeras to join a wide variety of attacks with which to guarantee victory. But we also have to control our legion's bar , make sure we don't use it at this time or when it's not worth it. The reason? Avoid having to wait for it to load and see us surrounded by dangerous chimeras that can end our adventure.

    Of course, although the fighting is frantic and you feel you are unstoppable, the reality is that Astral Chain is not just fighting. The game saves more than one moment of research, of learning data about the inhabitants and better understanding the story based on meeting people . To do this, sometimes we will use the unique skills of each of the legions.


    Using the beast we can follow a trail while the strength of another legion will guarantee us to remove the obstacles from the middle. Various puzzles and some unknowns that come our way will seem simpler with the help of legions, faithful companions who will conquer us with their unique style.

    Of course, there is still much more to know about an adventure that aims to be one of the great conquests of Nintendo Switch . One of the most outstanding surprises and an amazing jewel of Platinum Games.

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    Mid Lane has always been considered the most popular role in League of Legends. Due to its position on the map, it is mainly distinguished by a high impact on side lanes, 1vs1 fights and the very status of being AP “Carry”. In this article, along with our Coach, we present 10 tips and tricks to help you understand this lane and, as a result, climb the soloQ ranking.


    1 – Pick the right Mid Laner

    Choosing the champion of the role of MID in the current meta has a particularly large impact on the game.

    Why actually MID? – Because this role is in the middle of the map and when mid laner wins, the whole team also gains, because it transfers the advantage to the river and other lines.

    Current League of Legends is a very fast game, and the games usually end in 25-30 minutes!

    This makes it clear that especially in soloQ where so many aggressive champions appear in Early / Mid game (for example Zed, LeBlanc) are much better than those who need a lot of time to scale (for example Kassadin).


    2 – Pick correct Summoner Spells

    Choosing the correct summoner spells is a total basis, but still so many people have a problem with that.

    The basic question in this matter – “What does my champion do?” and “Who am I playing against?”

    For example:

    • I choose Ignite because I play an aggressive champion like Ahri and want to increase my kill potential
    • I choose Teleport on Ekko because it will help me to survive the hard beginnings on the line
    • I choose Barrier / Heal on Lux because I have a huge range and I will not be close to my opponent to use ignite. Defensive spells will surely be more useful to me
    • I choose Teleport on Lissandra because my strength is to flank
    • I choose Cleans on Syndra because I play against Lissandra and Elise in the jungle.

    Remember also that the choice of summoner spells should depend on the mainly on your playstyle and plan for the game!


    3 – Trades on the Mid Lane

    Trades are one of the basic things thanks to which we are able to win our lane. Thanks to them, we increase our kill potential or simply force the enemy to go back to the base.

    As you probably already know, a good trade on the lane is a trade in which you will deal more damage to the enemy.

    But on what does our trade really depend?

    • Current level – (use the advantage of your level, which gives you additional statistics such as 70HP and second skill on 2lvl)
    • Available skills – (play around opponents cooldowns, if he used skills for the minions or did not hit you it is a good moment for the trade because you have more skills)
    • Auto attacks – (especially in the early game they are incredibly strong, remember to use them in combat, regardless of the character)
    • Range – (use the advantage of range in terms of skills and auto attacks)
    • Fight in minions (the tide of minions is really strong, watch if the opponent does not fight in your minions or if you yourself have not become their victim)

    4 – Early Ward on raptors

    The early ward on raptors is currently the only right and useful ward. It will show us exactly when the enemy jungler travels to the other side of the jungle, thanks to which we know which site is safe – we’re going to play there now!

    In the current game jungler in the first place wants to hit 3lvl, and only then looks around for a potential gank or crab.

    This is due to the fact that the scuttle crab does not respond in 2 minutes but 3:15. Thus, the 1:15 ward of the river does not make any sense any more.


    5 – Vision at the Mid Lane

    A little talk about a standard mid vision could not be missing here. If we want to win our lane, we must first ensure that we do not become a victim of the jungler’s enemy.

    The basic mistake is putting wards on two sides of the lane. It is logical that if the jungler does not show up on your wards on the right side, then you should be afraid of it from the left.

    Above, we present you the correct location of the vision around your lane.

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    He's very strong i tried him out in the PBE, i'm so excited to play him in the live servers

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    Commented subject Other ways to earn RP.
    1 year ago

    there countless of websites for that

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    1 year ago

    To those haters who keep fake voting my article as a Plagiarism/Spam please refrain from doing so , we're trying to earn some SG here while it's very hard and ty -_-

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