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    (4.14/5) 7 rates
    Janoka88, 8 october 2017 13:07

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered

    Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered

    It is only worthwhile to buy or test the current Call of Duty or Infinite Warfare because you are able to hit modern version of Modern Warfare. And we're good about classics, or ... well, let me just think about it until the end of the article.

    Did he ever think that almost 10 years ago, when Infinity Ward came out of World War II when it came to escape, the Infinity Ward had created a classic in Modern Warfare, which then casts the genre for a long time to a state where it almost did not lead to anything beat? Obviously nobody, so the creators themselves, but the merit of the wonders in the situation that eventually came to an end, and although modern warfare has since moved to the future, the bases have remained the same, even though the players would have been released from this prison. It is a "penitentiary institution" whose walls are back to this day, if possible, giving the story's spicy flavor. Because you're on the scheduled CoD side (you can read the Infinite Warfare test on the previous four pages), if you've spent enough money, you'll also have the fourth scheduled episode of debut in 2007, in chillivillas, to reach the previous decade, nostalgic to his now defeated warlord.

    If someone has missed the program, which has fundamentally changed the genre, it basically suits the work that he actually tried at the time of the release, who is not there for the genre (experience, more familiar with it). Of course, nowadays, there are not so many scenes with a lazy mouth, industry has developed so far, which has pushed the threshold of excitement, but it is certain that Modern Warfare has added a lot to this revolution. After the spectacular and exciting launch, we jump a little bit back and forth in the story to finally create a unique tale of the tale, which also contains rough moments, and interesting missions like watching the heat image of destroying the enemy from the air. Music subtleties with bumpy, heroic, military music are overwhelmed by our ear canals, synchronized musicians have worked for their money, so quality is still good for so many years, while we are taking more places on Earth to make the point at the end of the tragic case.
    What you add to the experience is the upgraded graphics. Of course, year just looked at how the outdoors has the fourth Call of Duty, but now only a refined memory remains, which is in no way a thank-you-hearted reality. The MW is not ugly with the original version, but it is far from patented outside as it is from the pink mist. Remastered brings you close to today's level, only when you look at the details you may have a bad taste and the gameplay, after all, a track that is almost over a decade has been remarkable. What was a pioneer year, eighty percent now only results in a shrug, and although there is a scene that hits it now, it is sadly less than anyone who counts. Not to mention that when we reach the end of the campaign, in a short afternoon, we will be able to find out what is really scarce for nearly five hours. Very.

    Of course, there is no Call of Duty multiplayer, or the multiplayer segment is back, even with the favorite tracks that will be added in December. We can reopen in the central area for Crash, a crashing helicopter, god blessed for snipers, rainy Downpour, and Vacant, which leads to stagnant waves in closed corridors. There are a total of ten maps to each other in the rival teams, in all well-known gaming modes, though it is a fact that the Hardcore version here is completely unnecessary, as the flies fall like hot summer days and they do not even know where they came from blessing. Anyway, the movement is much slower, the tactics of the troops are subdued - it is mostly exhausted to protect a certain area, usually three of them with a telescopic rifle, hiding at a certain point. On the other hand, the hitbox is so good that only the HC multi is unnecessary, after all, there is no need for a full repository for the opponents, enough to release one or two shots, and there is a debilitating delicacy. Otherwise, you can have fun with the multiplayer segment, the sight is improved here and the eye is more pleasing, and design and track construction are great too. We can not complain about this.

    It was customary to say the biggest fanatics who live in the belief that if CoD were left in World War I over the last ten years, then it would be world peace, and even pink unicorns would be around with butterflies. Well, that's not the case, and even though the series does not change, as we progress from episode to episode, you can imagine what the basics would be the same. The nostalgia is beautiful, and Modern Warfare was really a very large number in its own time, but the miraculous memories blur the real sense of reality and vision that Remastered proves the best. Because, thanks to the improved graphics, the game is definitely new to life, after a few tracks it becomes apparent that your old age has not only appeared in the wrinkles. Simply lagging behind the game mechanics, which, if only changed at least every year, means a lot after all that year. Because of this, we often feel that the campaign is moaning, slow in multi, even in spite of the good ideas that have been in their own time, but now they seem to be clinging to boredom. It would be a mistake to think that the package and the restored version will only be purchased by older people who want to repeat it, but they are also for young people who expect much more from a new look.

    Of course this is not the fault of the game, thanks to the developers who make the restoration, and now it brings out everything she can. The jumping-off action does not leave much time for boredom, but the story of a five-hour-long storyline today includes surprising moments that are forever embedded in our memories, but you can be sure that your memories are divided by two to get the actual results . In addition, the last consideration is nostalgic, classical, achievements and still functional multi amoda, for now only Modern Warfare Remastered will be available in your library if you invest in Infinite Warfare, even with hard pricing. If, however, the revised version is added separately to the supply for a maximum of 5-6000 forints, then I dare to recommend it, because it is worth remembering the glorious past.
    Enjoy my review.

    Rate this article Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered

    (4.14/5) 7 rates


    callll of duty call calll of duty ......

    15 july 2020 21:45