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    Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade

    is the Kingdoms review! Although the mobile game industry does not replace AAA games for us hardcore players, we encounter quality games with the strengthening of the hardware owned by mobile platforms day by day. Especially in the mobile game market, where the games that do not mind much, are dominant, the productions that contain more details mechanically cannot reach large masses for this reason. But now we are facing a production that is easy to play but makes the player feel difficult. Rise of Kingdoms, created by Chinese game maker Lilith Games, was released on September 20, the year we left behind after a long development phase. Rise of Kingdoms, which continues its way with a lot of updates over time, attracts the attention of the players with its theme similar to the famous strategy series Civilization. Basically, a strategic war game, Rise of Kingdoms has managed to combine these two types thanks to its city-building mechanics. You start the game by choosing the state you like from a list of states, including the Ottoman. The developers, who added the state that marked the world history to the game, preferred to assign special military units to each state. Your city power represents how far your civilization has started from scratch. The mines, fields, hospitals, military camps and town hall that you set up in the city play a big role in increasing your city power. As your city hall develops, your city takes ages. You can enrich your resource production or raise your soldier level from your research building as you age in the production that you can come up to the feudal era. Although your union members shorten the time desired in the development of the building, you have to apply for the items that shorten this period in general. It is possible to get these acceleration items obtained from various activities and daily missions within the game with micro payments. Have fun already.

    3 august 2020 23:01

    why cant u play it dislike ught

    6 august 2020 01:15

    There is usually a two-week time limit on these tasks and to reach level 17 in two weeks, you should stick to the game. In addition, gamehag can deactivate the offer at any time. I recommend investing your time for smaller but safe rewards.

    7 august 2020 14:44

    I've enjoyed it a lot but its really hard to reach 17 level. Need a lot patience

    7 august 2020 19:07

    im at level 6 on the first day. i have a lot of experience when it comes to war games. my persoanl favorite is castle clash

    7 august 2020 20:43

    this game is really like state of survival but worse

    8 august 2020 00:10

    this game gives a good reward and it is a really good game. would reccomend.

    8 august 2020 03:10

    Cool game very nice thanks for share!

    8 august 2020 12:16

    it a good game for freetime.This game like Clash of Kings

    8 august 2020 14:41

    its fun i guess, but if it gets rejected when im done im gonna be so mad

    8 august 2020 20:01

    It's pretty fun for its gener, lots of stuff to do if you're looking to pass the time

    9 august 2020 20:18

    i played before rise of the kingdom as a Rebelde Uno

    10 august 2020 06:44

    same same love this game rise of kindown rise of kindown love my game

    2 september 2020 19:52

    rise of kindown rise of kindownVVVrise of kindown rise of kindown LOV LOVE

    2 september 2020 20:03

    this game sucks to be ounist... :disappointed_relieved:

    3 september 2020 00:47

    Is it worth playing? that is the real question.

    3 september 2020 04:18

    I did 17 levels 2 months uploaded pictures can you see

    3 september 2020 04:19

    i like this game rise of kingdom is great

    3 september 2020 04:20

    like this ready ol ıf my roblox CC will be deleted!

    3 september 2020 07:34

    Don't wait any longer and play Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade today!

    3 september 2020 07:35

    bruh denicem galiba xddddd neyse yükleyelim

    3 september 2020 13:47

    susmuyor aynen bozuk kaset gibi siktiğimin umutu.

    12 september 2020 13:40

    The game is very nice, I really tried hard in the game. All languages ​​are available. In short I think you play it right now.

    15 september 2020 15:22

    This game is a very nice game I think it is very nice to play it. I liked it very much. Every country has a language.

    15 september 2020 16:47

    i played before this game and you can have fun when you play

    15 september 2020 17:47

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