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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Heroes Origin

    Dont try this one , misty is the worst and its always get rejected.

    3 april 2019 12:00

    i waited for more than 72 hours....

    6 april 2019 04:21

    ***, says i need to make a new account ..

    6 april 2019 04:26

    em ist bean a hour and still my mission isnt checked by them?
    i heard it was fast but bow its kinda slow

    6 april 2019 19:59

    the tasks for this game are really fast and easy

    7 april 2019 20:47

    Hope my lvl 5 task get's accepted. If it dosn't i dont really care well it was easy getting 5 lvls.

    7 april 2019 22:54

    yeye - nice game

    8 april 2019 05:35

    REEEEE! I waited for like 41 hours and still its waiting!

    8 april 2019 19:30

    pretty bad...doesn't work at all...played for the 1st time got lvl 5 but got rejected :( shame on you gamehag.com

    11 april 2019 20:44

    Account has been properly registered from the link here. Task refused and support is not helpful.

    15 april 2019 20:15

    Same as "avpmantis" earlier comment. My first quest in this Heroes Origin was rejected after ~1,5 days of waiting. "GameHag" / "Misty" claims that "...i didnt register a new account in the game.", so i contacted the devs of Heroes Origin via mail and they say i DID register a new account on the day i registered in their game via GameHag..!! So what the fudge is up with GameHag/Misty lying about this..??

    17 april 2019 04:35

    Completed the first task, and got rejected instantly. Other users having the same problem, better off investing your time elsewhere

    17 april 2019 16:37

    Been 6 days haven't got Gems and Notifications if its accepted or not.

    19 april 2019 19:20

    i agree it does seem to ignore your work and progress in the game ,im STILLL WAITING for all my right amount of Soul gems , on the other hand the tasks are fast and easy and it,s like drivng the game does most the work u just guide and steer where u want to go,that bein said, talking to Misty is extremely FRUSTRATING all the questions r PRE-PROGRAMMED so u can,t truly ADDRESS YOUR MAIN focus or issues with the game

    21 april 2019 22:13

    remmeber if it gets rejected maybe you used another name the name needs to be close to the one you have on gamehag

    5 june 2019 11:00

    Does not credit. Never played or heard of this game before, and still I get rejected because I "did not create a new account".

    9 june 2019 19:34

    says I havent registered an account ;I

    24 june 2019 15:03

    Doesn't work in the UK ("Not available in your country")

    8 july 2019 19:56

    very easy and quickly done, love it!!!!!!!!!!

    17 august 2019 21:53

    Looking forward to playing this game. Hope my Task 1 gets accepted!

    26 august 2019 11:56

    quick and easy to play - took 2 hours max

    1 september 2019 11:45

    nice and chill game. Works for me. Try it. Easy to play and the guide in the beginning is step by step. Can't make mistakes

    1 september 2019 12:09

    this game is super action lot of with dragons and soldier

    8 september 2019 19:43

    the game work and is a really good game :DD

    9 september 2019 17:32

    Okay so it's easy i'll play it. I hope I actually get the gems cause last time i didn't.

    18 september 2019 17:08

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