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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Hero Zero

    is this about superheroes, cause if yes then i would play this all day. (this is an edit) it is about superheroes and now i am addicted pls lay it

    7 january 2021 11:19

    i love this game and i only play this gameon gamehag but sometimes play something else.

    8 january 2021 13:22

    this game more positive because in game good character with animation game of playing the name is Hero Zero

    22 march 2021 09:00

    Hero Zero this game so funny and playing more animated this good

    23 march 2021 17:38

    nice browse game very nice game is it intrestering

    30 march 2021 12:50

    i love that game very much but i have to wriye 40 word so i wrote this

    16 february 2022 08:45

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