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    Guild Wars 2

    (4.5/5) 40 rates

    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Guild Wars 2

    I hope they add new tasks for this game, haven't played in forever, would be nice to get back into it and also have some SG to look forward to from playing ^_^

    20 july 2020 00:28

    it's in my 3 top favorite games of all time!

    21 july 2020 18:28

    I really wanna play this so bad,But I do not have the right eletronic's to do so WAHhh :c

    28 july 2020 19:46

    super easy task to do and the game aint that bad

    25 august 2020 17:34

    do i need to do it in fullscreen? or windowed?

    29 august 2020 20:08

    the game is very fun but i just completed the task with the wrong name and now I'm just waiting for it to get to them so it gets verified

    29 august 2020 20:15

    The game was awesome and task wasn't hard at all. :)

    30 august 2020 16:07

    this game was super fun for my task and i got to finish it very quickly, customizing your character is fun and the task is easy for lots of gems, i recommend 100%

    1 september 2020 23:28

    can yall fix your task please, legit its funny how i did the tasks way before i knew about this, it says to reach at least level 3 and this means to play the game. I already did the account creation and did the verification with my account. but your task still rejects? If a bot is doing this you need a new one or at least have actuall people.

    16 october 2020 07:11

    meh this game is not that good i would neverb play it soo

    17 october 2020 03:49

    this is an amazing game you ever made this game is awsome

    21 november 2020 04:16

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