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    Comments, reviews and ratings of the game Clash of Lords 2: Guild War

    meh its pretty good

    30 may 2019 22:18

    How do u get points from games?

    5 june 2019 12:30

    i have tried to play so many games but there is like no reward or something they dont tell us what we should do in the game to earn the gems

    5 june 2019 12:31

    it doesnt work on my phone so rip

    5 june 2019 12:32

    I dont think im going to play this game because it doesnt really look too good but if you are interested in playing this game go for it!

    26 june 2019 10:56

    Is this a great game? I want to try it out of curiosity

    22 july 2019 12:08

    What's interesting about this game? And what kind of game is it? Is it worth playing?

    16 september 2019 19:00

    Is there one or only two?
    If there is a gift from which of the two should I start with the mother playing one or two?

    16 september 2019 19:02

    just some chinese-copy of clash of clans. 0/10

    18 september 2019 17:33

    My one faveurite game with mobil the clash of lords2

    23 december 2019 09:48

    Like Clash of Clans but has more to do and is very depenadnt on heroes instead of troops

    7 march 2020 21:55

    looks like **** nah jk ok i have to have mlre than 40 symbols

    7 april 2020 16:22

    Clash of Lords 2: Guild War is very good game i start play every day

    6 july 2020 11:11

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