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    War Thunder

    (4.36/5) 6260 rates

    Play and get

    2500 7500
    Soul Gems
    War Chest

    For 3 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    World of thanks vs War Thunder

    First of all WT its a russian game and from my experience they made a lot of cool games esspecially this one and i enjoy playing this game. WoF is more like a company with a lot of money for advertising with unexperience in this domain

    8 may 2019 14:25 11

    is War Thunder a good game to get some quick Gems?

    8 may 2019 16:22 11

    You can get a boatload of gems with it - just play a lot and remember to take screenshots.

    10 may 2019 03:25 11

    They're both great, so its hard to choose one.

    11 may 2019 04:22 11

    War Thunder has better graphics

    12 may 2019 09:22 11

    Both game very good WWII battle "simulator"

    20 may 2019 18:34 11

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