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    Having trouble getting gems

    I just started a few days ago but it is taking forever to get gems. I've tried the offerwalls but when I get halfway through a game, it disappears from the wall. Anyone have tips to help me get started?

    7 may 2019 08:00 1628

    - you can use the appzone to get 1 gem per ad you watch there is a maximum limit pr day (about 100)
    - you can play minigames
    -you can write an article/review and if it gets approved you get about 1000 gems

    there is also a thread about this whole subject on the forum somewhere. check that one out in case i missed some of the points

    7 may 2019 08:04 1628

    Alright, thank you!

    7 may 2019 08:04 1628

    This is the thread with the tips for new Gamehag users, including on earning SG: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/62436-miscellaneous-tips-for-gamehag
    Also, don't think about using VPN for any reason and don't create any extra accounts for fake referals because you'll get banned from Gamehag.

    7 may 2019 08:10 1628

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