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    Why not worked a mobile task

    Not worked me mobile giveaway task retweet twitter. Why? I don't know. Help please!

    29 april 2019 16:30 1628

    Question is not understandable..

    29 april 2019 20:56 1628

    i know what is he want to say ... u should understand whats mean that task to compelet it or try from gamehag site on your phone and press again on retweet after doing it

    30 april 2019 04:51 1628

    Sorry for my bad English! I tried to express that I can't do all the giveaway tasks, because in vain retweets don't update the task. So basically I can't finish the last task I should have for giveawa

    30 april 2019 08:14 1628

    All the tasks are done except for one. I have tried to "retweet" many times. Maybe my phone browser is not compatible retweet function?

    30 april 2019 08:25 1628

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