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    My Little Farmies

    (3.18/5) 4204 rates

    My little farmies

    This game i think like that happy farm on facebook you can build your farm and feed you animel to get some food to make some item from it and wait groups to grow up to sell it to be big farmer i was play this game when i was little xD but now know i play other game from it the open world thats nice games

    24 april 2019 13:40 19

    ok. i will try it. thanks info

    24 april 2019 14:01 19

    Bad fame

    25 july 2019 01:45 19

    esses jogos e legais mas eu queria tipo esse jogo mas em 1 PESSOA E TISCUPRIR MISTREIO SO BR XAU ^^

    11 september 2019 17:47 19

    My Little Farmies i think is a bad game.

    27 january 2020 17:26 19

    bence oyun hiç tatlı değildir görünüme baksana

    13 february 2020 17:59 19

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