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    Sell steam key

    Can we sell steam key to steam or who will buy it? I want to sell it but how? Can anyone tell me how?

    24 april 2019 12:50 1628

    Well if you have the code you can send it to anyone by text Or someone pays to your bank account And then you send the code to the guy?

    24 april 2019 12:54 1628

    G2A or steamtrade

    24 april 2019 13:04 1628

    you can also trade in the steam trading card group, there you can exhange it for gems. But i would recomend going with other options as it migh get you more.

    24 april 2019 13:09 1628

    Why do u want to sell it?

    24 april 2019 17:32 1628

    you can sell them in so many websites just search for it.

    25 april 2019 10:02 1628

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