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    Magic: The Gathering Arena

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    Has anyone gotten past the "It seems like you haven't registered a new account" rejection?

    Despite trying three different times, I keep getting my tasks rejected for not having a new account even though it is brand new. I even tried with a backup email address, but didn't work. So to anyone who has actually been approved, how exactly did you sign up your new account? Did you click on Accounts in the upper right section of the screen after clicking their link? Did you register through the game's client? I know I can go on Discord for support, but I've done that with other games in the past; it doesn't fix their automatic checker as they will wait 24 hours and flag Task 2 with a rejection for the same reason even if they manually accept the first task. Thanks in advance everyone!

    23 april 2019 02:37 3433


    22 september 2019 10:43 3433


    22 september 2019 10:53 3433

    got the same answer so I would be interested in what to do at this time

    4 november 2019 15:42 3433

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