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    What do you guys think of Mobile Legends Bang Bang?

    Extra Question: What do you guys think of VainGlory and who do you think is a better game? I personally think VainGlory is better than Mobile Legends Bang Bang.

    22 april 2019 06:58 77

    it is a ripoff from lol and the graphics are so bad

    23 april 2019 10:42 77

    Both games are pretty good, but it's just my opinion, you should try them out.

    6 june 2019 07:16 77

    Pretty ok game but the graphic kinda suck. Try playing king of glory its a chinese moba game for phone. Its graphic is very good

    15 june 2019 15:44 77

    good I kinda like it

    15 june 2019 15:45 77

    I have it because its a copy of league of legends and they even copy most of the champions :/

    12 july 2019 20:08 77

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