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    Gamehag Problem

    Just writing to tell you guys about a problem that I've had. Hopefully this will help me find a resolution.

    I redeemed a reward for a "Flame in the Flood" game-key. After several weeks of waiting, the key was delivered and I entered it into Steam. Unfortunately, when it activated, I saw the supplied key was for the WRONG game, specifically a game called "The 39 Steps." Okay, I thought. I'll contact support and they will sort out the issue. So, I described what was going on, nearly verbatim compared to the above.

    Their response: "Unfortunately, I have no influence on it. I'm sorry." Then they marked the issue "Solved!" and closed my Ticket. I've contacted them again. Hopefully, things will be smoother this time?

    21 april 2019 01:28 1628

    What does "I have no influence on it mean?" - did they disregard your ticket?

    21 april 2019 09:06 1628

    Hi! Your guess is as good as mine. They did disregard it the first time. After I opened another ticket and described the issue a second time, this was their response:

    "We would need the following information from you: 1. The actual code which seems to not be working. 2. Communicate of error displayed during the activation attempt (screenshot). 3. The date of first activation attempt. 4. Your location (country). Every screenshot has to display a full screen. Thank you!"

    I replied back and gave them all of that information, but told them that I couldn't take a screenshot of the error because there wasn't an error message. I redemed the key on Steam and then it turned out they had sent a key for the wrong game. Of course I didn't know that until I had already plugged it into Steam, and it had been added to my library. But, they just sent me another message that repeated the part about "taking a screenshot of the error." I'm still in contact with support about the problem.

    I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I hope others don't have this issue.

    21 april 2019 09:17 1628

    After reading your first comment, I assume that your problem is more like human error on their side for buying the keys for the wrong game. The tickets will always be closed whenever Misty replied even if it's not truly resolved yet, so I think you should get in touch with the support in this link: https://company.gamehag.com/contact

    21 april 2019 09:37 1628

    Thanks very much for the link! I'll try that next :) That seems really promising

    21 april 2019 09:41 1628

    Thanks very much for the link! I'll try that next :)

    21 april 2019 10:38 1628

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