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    Easter Chest

    What has everyone been getting out of it?

    20 april 2019 20:31 1628

    I would wager that everyone will get Deponia, because a large number keys where given out for free for it.

    21 april 2019 00:44 1628

    I haven't opened it yet but if I am getting Deponia I will be very disappointed. I already bought it more than a year ago.

    21 april 2019 01:51 1628

    Rip i also have Deponia, so many i shouldn't bother with the Chest.

    21 april 2019 06:57 1628

    Don't buy event chest later or you will get only cheap games

    21 april 2019 08:09 1628

    The chest is free though, just collect 1500 SG. So if you collect it, you won't be losing anything from opening it!!

    21 april 2019 23:58 1628

    the only time i got a AAA game was a 2015 game called "warhammer 40k fps shooter" i dont know what to do with it tbh but i cannot sell it for sgs :(

    22 april 2019 03:49 1628

    It wasn't Deponia, it was Deponia: The Complete Journey...Which was given out, for free, in January from HumbleBundle. :(

    28 april 2019 22:24 1628

    Deponia for me too. Already have that from Humble Bundle. Oh well. Maybe I can give it away to some poor, unsuspecting gamer...

    23 may 2019 14:17 1628

    Most of the users get Deponia from it. Gamehag should add more cheap games to wheel such as Darkness II, Fallout II such that we will not get games repetedly like Deponia.

    24 may 2019 15:53 1628

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