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    Do you think Fortnite is dying?

    I legitimately think Fortnite has already died. I stopped playing late season 6 because the game just kept on adding useless stuff which made game play really annoying, so what do you guys think? Is fortnite dying or is it already dead?

    15 april 2019 20:03 2830

    I dont think its dying. There is still alot of players at the platform, and many famous streamers. So you cant say its dying yet.

    15 april 2019 21:19 2830

    If there is cheaters on there that likes to use script or any code to hack the game it might be dying.

    10 may 2019 01:05 2830

    i dont think fornite is dying just that there will be lesser newbies who will want to play this continuously. Because the level of a normal standard player is very high now. Since the newbie that just started do not know how to build and they fight against a regular player who knows how to build, they will get rekt easily and not find the game fun to play anymore.

    10 may 2019 04:04 2830

    probably after WC 30% of the players gonna leave that game and move to another game.

    14 may 2019 20:22 2830

    Why care? It still keeps kids away from the good games

    21 may 2019 16:57 2830

    imo i'd say fortnite is at a stage where epic is trying to fix everything but infact because they vaulted the pump and added today the burst smg, it's quite a bad situation.

    29 may 2019 23:54 2830

    There are always people who rave about this or that game dying. Those people should never be listened to in my opinion. Some claimed League of Legends was dying, and I don't really believe anyone sees it that way.

    1 june 2019 00:12 2830

    Probably. I mean, all the people who played Fortnite are going to Apex and PUBG so maybe. They are all cool games and someday they all are going to die but not now

    6 june 2019 15:16 2830

    for me yes a bit of it is dying cause MineCraft is now rising from the bottom and fortnite gonna step up its game

    6 june 2019 19:06 2830

    Minecraft is comming up again and ive been playing it for years never stopped

    6 june 2019 23:09 2830

    So yes fortnite is dying

    6 june 2019 23:10 2830

    i want a minecraft fortnite collabe.

    7 june 2019 01:54 2830

    What happens when Fortnite isn't in Early Access anymore? Will there not be anymore seasons? I'm confused!😐

    7 june 2019 02:16 2830

    It's boring

    7 june 2019 05:53 2830

    I don't know yet

    7 june 2019 05:58 2830

    Never Dude!

    7 june 2019 11:38 2830

    Fort Is Always Up!

    7 june 2019 11:39 2830

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