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    Did gamehag update their app zone limit?

    Isn't it 100 sg per day??

    4 april 2019 15:59 1628

    I dont think so ask in Discord Support about this

    4 april 2019 16:19 1628

    i dont try the appzone anymore maybe they have the details on the update log

    4 april 2019 16:20 1628

    Someone mentioned in the forums that you need to do one other task to continue earning up to the daily limit. I haven't tried it though, I can't get any offers or surveys to work and hard minigames.

    5 april 2019 05:09 1628

    You need to do a task in order to bypass the limit hold. I think the limit is still 100sgs as long as you follow the task order

    5 april 2019 08:09 1628

    You mean those tasks that require screenshots to confirm?

    5 april 2019 08:35 1628

    No, i mean those tasks that can be done quickly. I.e quizzes, not all tasks needs screenshots, some tasks can be done quickly and also gives you a reward quickly

    5 april 2019 13:59 1628

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