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    Its really good game but...

    I played this game and it was super fun and good but only I think I didnt like was it was really p2w, you could buy almost everything and if you spend money you could get somewhere where can get someone who don´t pay for 15 hours maybe for 1 hour less :(...

    1 april 2019 16:45 2851

    Anyone is sad because of this bad system ? I understand they need get some money for micro transactions because its f2p but they did it so easy to play if you pay and see someone start on same lvl. and after it he has maybe 10× better items and loot because he paid its really sad story...

    1 april 2019 16:46 2851

    хорошая игра советую играть

    27 july 2019 19:22 2851

    I play trove top, the fastest way to get levels is basically just buy those eggs or whatever.

    27 july 2019 20:15 2851

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