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    Some times you gotta feel sorry for some of the members here :(

    I have experienced some members who some times out of frustration post there issues at the "article Section" hoping there issue would be atleast heard by some one; well i feel really saddened by there words and always try to give them a word of advice where to look at [email protected] or contact misty or find discord server. I just feel these posts shouldnt be categorized as spam but i dont know ; these guys have spent alot of time figuring stuff out and then they just decide to post there issues at the article section its kinda depressing tbh:(

    31 march 2019 22:00 1628

    Yeah, also, support doesn't really reply. Issues are not really heard i guess, or they do but they don't really share their opinions about it. Idk man, support has been inactive lol

    2 april 2019 10:15 1628

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