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    I opened CSGO chest

    Guess what i got :) KNIFE ohh jk no one can get knife anyway i know it kind rng but some chest give 2-3 trash loot i got AUG | CONDEMNED if it Field-Tested that like 0.06 so just to tell you guys dont open any chest on this website it give only trash 99% and good stuff 1% lets say it my luck buy i asked a lot of people that opened chest and got trash too If you want to use your gem buy steam gifts or skins dont use them on chests

    31 march 2019 09:37 1628

    congratulations i agree don't open chests as most draws are useless.

    31 march 2019 10:05 1628

    Yh, most chest draws are useless. I opened a CSGO one earlier, and I'm still happy for any skin tho (I don't have many CSGO skins lol)

    20 july 2020 20:23 1628

    will take that advice thanks

    20 july 2020 20:35 1628

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