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    Watching ads on mobile is very effective.

    Hi! I'd just like to remind you that watching ads on your mobile is VERY effective. For example: you can watch 100 ads per day, if you watch 100 ads every day in a month you will get around 3000 sg. But lets be honest you probobly wont but still. Even if you only watch half you will get at least 1500 sg. And you don't even need to try! You can just watch youtube while just pressing the play ad button. If you are completing a task on your computer you can also watch ads and get even more sg. Thank you for reading this and for being active on the forrums.

    30 march 2019 17:57 1628

    Yes, I agree. New users should read this thread! This is the nicest way to farm SG. I can even multitask. I finished my paper and I got SG, I cleaned my house and I got SG, I watch my "watch later" video list and I got SG and so many things I actually can do while farming SG this way.

    31 march 2019 07:28 1628

    i agree with you.

    31 march 2019 07:36 1628

    Plus logging in every day for a week in a row gives you 50 something points too. Review articles properly and that's an extra 50.

    31 march 2019 09:30 1628

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