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    Earning SG advices and guide pls

    Guys i am new in this platform can you give some advices and guide, help meeee

    22 march 2019 18:24 1628

    You'll get 5 SGs for daily login and 20 SGs for seven days login in row, watch ads on App zone, complete tasks, write article (correct, meaningful and related one) and playing mini games (works better on your phone, i recommend you to play The Sorcerer).

    23 march 2019 14:45 1628

    thanks brother 💯

    24 march 2019 00:28 1628

    yes just do Appzone and consistently article voting; but if you are from a country that gives out high soul gems for game offers then forget the before mentioned tasks; go straight to these particular game offers;
    league of angels 3, game of thrones; war thunder; lords mobile if you on ios; and last but not the least cross out ; for now if you in those high paying zones and you completed these particular game tasks you would be sitting handsomely on above 10k sgs easily and boosted your experience levels beyond 6 which gives you automatic access to send sgs to any body you wish to send sgs too; this opens more opportunities for you for which "Gamehag" wont be responsible but still it is an opportunity and am surprised not many talk about this particular feature what so ever as there is no official moderated thread regarding "Gamehag Trading" then later you can work on article writing and focus may be on sending your friends your affiliate link of gamehag in the future and hence a consistent flow of sgs will be coming to you daily hope this answers your query some what ; best of luck!!

    24 march 2019 00:53 1628

    There's a guide by PurpleSquirrelRL, please check this out: https://gamehag.com/forum/t/77200-xp-and-sg-guide-for-beginners

    Hope it will help you 😄

    24 march 2019 06:54 1628

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