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    War Thunder

    (4.37/5) 13678 rates

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    2500 6750
    Soul Gems

    For 4 tasks

    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Win 5 battles

    Can't figure out what/where to screenshot the task

    I have been rejected 5 times already, I definitely have the necessary 5 wins. I have screenshoted the screen where it says "Victories" 2 times already. 1 of the screenshots has been rejected on terms of not doing the specified task. The other 4 for "Make sure everything specified in the task

    22 march 2019 07:10 11

    I have same problem, i tried this, but it didnt work

    22 march 2019 22:44 11

    Make sure you upload with 5 victories,if it was rejected after the first try,upload it with the Gamehag profile,also make sure you registered with your gamehag name same as the in-game name.
    Also make sure you registered from the "register now".if you have done all that,contact misty and explain the issue.

    23 march 2019 00:42 11

    The game is not bad, but I personally do not accept the task, I have to write in support.

    23 march 2019 02:03 11

    yes indeed, i have the same username as my 1 in gamehag and i'm pretty sure i have the 5 victories since i have 83. It has never said to me that i need to make a new profile, since i already made 2, I'll just talk to support?

    23 march 2019 07:41 11

    can someone tell me where will i submit the screenshots?

    23 march 2019 13:11 11

    To submit a screenshot, you have to clik on the corresponding task and upload the screenshot in the new popup

    26 march 2019 12:30 11

    i cant find the screenshot

    26 march 2019 22:41 11

    Btw if you wanna know how to take a screenshot just do Full Windowed instead of Fullscreen before starting a game.

    27 march 2019 03:40 11

    if someone still have problems with screeny shots
    press the print screen button on keyboard then go to
    C:\Users\YOUR COMPUTER USERNAME HERE\AppData\Local\WarThunder\Screenshots
    to find the desired screeny shots you took.
    Or type this %APPDATA% into the search bar then follow thoses folder here

    Best Regards,
    have a nice day.

    27 march 2019 19:07 11

    Thanks man

    17 june 2020 19:49 11

    i contacted the support and they still didnt accept it

    19 june 2020 11:38 11

    for the second task, what should I take a screenshot from?
    it says "Defeat your enemy's forces in 10 face-offs"
    is there any place in game which counts the face-offs?

    27 june 2020 11:44 11

    give me my xp

    27 june 2020 14:40 11

    click the dropdown arrow on your profile, it will show your victories and still show how many golden eagles you have

    27 june 2020 19:43 11

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