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    Does anyone love adventure games?

    Adventure games are among the most liked games.These are divided into many groups as gun game or agent games.I think adventure comes to mind when it comes to agent games.For example, gta series is the game for how many years.Gta is a series that goes up to 5.So, what kind of games do you like?Adventure?Or agent games?

    21 march 2019 15:15 1628

    Stop spamming @noresa.

    21 march 2019 20:41 1628

    I Like adventure games!

    31 august 2019 21:56 1628

    I love adventure game like tomb raider

    1 september 2019 04:19 1628

    I love adventure game like Batman Arkham.

    1 september 2019 06:21 1628

    cobalah game horor dari indonesia seperti dread out. game itu tidak kalah menyenangkan seperti game horor lainnya atau adventure karena memiliki story yang menarik

    1 september 2019 10:19 1628

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