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    How is pubg mobile game?

    Pubg mobile is a very popular game.This game was an unrecognized game when it first appeared,now it's a game everyone plays. This game is a game that is played more and more every day. But this game is very nice everyone's attention.They did a good game. All right, can you play?

    20 march 2019 15:41 1628

    i played, but low smartphone and pc :(

    20 march 2019 15:52 1628

    btw hard for me

    20 march 2019 15:53 1628

    The developer of this game make better graphic now

    20 march 2019 16:39 1628

    Try using tencent gaming buddy, an emulator for PUBG mobile on your PC is your smartphone is too bad

    22 march 2019 13:53 1628

    Better play it on pc
    You will only get with chinese kids

    17 july 2019 09:12 1628

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