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    what do you think about contract on gamehag ?

    I disagree with wall of terror(fyber) because i have done report if my contract is done. but i I've already used my rune. And offer support respons so long. Please make it faster :)

    19 march 2019 15:25 1628

    Fyber? I've seen that, but on some other app, not Gamehag. What do you mean you disagree with the offer wall? Support usually comes back within a day. Anyway, they don't have control over the offers.

    19 march 2019 17:42 1628

    What are those other apps?

    19 march 2019 18:01 1628

    How can i open a ticket i dont want to talk with misty

    19 march 2019 18:33 1628

    they don't work in my country.

    19 march 2019 20:02 1628

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