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    Which web browser did you use when you clicked the link

    I always seem to get rejected with the same reason, that a new account wasn't created. What I wonder is if certain web browsers screw with the link. So if people could post if what they used and if they got accepted or not for the tasks. I used Firefox, disabled all plugins Got rejected

    19 march 2019 00:11 3953

    i use chrome

    19 march 2019 00:12 3953

    I used chrome, got rejected as well

    20 march 2019 01:27 3953


    25 july 2019 12:39 3953

    i use chrome many years

    2 september 2019 16:37 3953

    I started using a clean installed Opera for gamehag, no plugins at all, also disabled my antivirus while clicking links and so far it worked for all I clicked

    5 september 2019 02:12 3953

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