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    Game of Thrones Winter is Coming

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    Register via the "PLAY FOR FREE" button, confirm your account in the email, and then Get Varys

    Anyone else having a problem with the task being accepted?

    It's telling me I haven't created a new account even though I have?

    18 march 2019 18:14 4117

    Same here, and I don't know how to fix it. It's so frustrating.

    18 march 2019 23:51 4117

    It says that you have to confirm your in-game email. How exactly do you do that?

    20 march 2019 13:47 4117

    yeah I have this problem too, so I reported it to support and this is the answer I got:

    "If you are absolutely sure that all of the requirements needed to complete the task have been met, then the issue might be caused by the duplicated IP adressess of other users who have played this game before. In case if the IP address is the same for more than one player, the others won't be able to complete the task. Unfortunately, such events is indecectable for us, and this is not something that can be dealt with. Usually this is caused by the Internet provider. The problem might also occur if there are multiple users of the same Internet connection. Therefore, there is not much to be done about it, and you should just complete some other tasks."

    23 march 2019 23:55 4117

    Jons they send this message to everyone,every task that was rejected for me they kept sending it

    26 march 2019 05:41 4117

    All you have to do is just send them a pic with a writing "Castle Upgrade". Here is the example https://imgur.com/VlLeky7

    28 march 2019 09:51 4117

    t's telling me I haven't created a new account even though I have?

    6 april 2019 15:47 4117

    ı dont know but this game is legendary ave song songgg song

    14 april 2019 22:41 4117

    gamehag is a scam lol none of the challenges that i submit are accepted

    15 april 2019 02:05 4117

    Im starting to wonder the same. Been a lot fishy this site the past few months

    15 april 2019 02:06 4117

    im starting to think this is really scam. because i sent the image and its rejected. it was obvious to see the user name name and hero Varys at lvl 11.

    19 april 2019 12:05 4117

    it is accepted in my second attemp but i sent the same screenshot except the lvl of Varys. But the reward was 69 instead of 80 in first try.

    19 april 2019 12:16 4117

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