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    ideas for gamehag

    why only give games gamehag you can give us more like mouse and keyboard or headphones or even a cumputer for gamers this will be awsome of course it be hard to get tham and they can sell like 150000 souls gems i thinks this is take you to the next levels and more pepole used your website or app

    17 march 2019 00:28 1628

    I'm sure everyone who uses the site would love this idea but it would be hard for Gamehag to do it. Don't expect it anyways

    17 march 2019 00:39 1628

    Well, it's an interesting idea, but i think it would be difficult for them. They will have to deliver the stuff to our adress and it will cost much more money and time. Especially to some countries.

    17 march 2019 00:45 1628

    I think a more definitive help sytem would be helpful. Misty doesn't give you a lot of options, and then if you are able to explain a problem in detail you get a nonsense answer that isn't helpful in any way and then they close your ticket. For instance I tried to participate in the March Chest giveaway and one of the conditions was to complete a survey. I completed 5 of them and it wouldn't acknowledge I had completed any of them. When I opened a ticket to ask about it they just gave me some nonsense about how they have no control over third party tasks (but this was their own task and the validation was on their end) and closed my ticket. So, basically, I just can't participte. I'm not going to do a million surveys, giving away lots of my time and personal information for no reward. That's like a phishing scam.

    17 march 2019 01:22 1628

    I hear form people that gamehag is good and can get steam game or wallet
    also one of my firend using and getiing $5 steam wallet afters 2 Months

    17 march 2019 03:06 1628

    Yeah, customer support needs to be improved. The only real way to contact the support is to use "Techinal issue" reason even if it isn't actually a techinal issue, but just something simple...

    17 march 2019 03:48 1628

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