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    reCAPTCHA security check

    Do you guys having "reCAPTCHA security checks" in order to visit gamehag site recently?
    As a old saying goes, "One Rotten Apple Spoils the Barrel", I think because of too many spamming and bot accounts maybe, so they decide to use this way to prevent all users (including ordinary users) from doing bad things.

    13 march 2019 13:59 1628

    I had one just 10 minutes ago. I really hope we'll see fewer bot accounts thanks to that.

    13 march 2019 14:04 1628

    yes, I saw it too, also one good point for gamehag team, they finally organized SG history.

    13 march 2019 14:22 1628

    Yes, the same for me. I just log in to gamehag and require to verify that I'm a human. As yazdan said, they do organize it. All sg from app zone now it counts with * and also shot to see.

    13 march 2019 14:53 1628

    Yep just had one, hopefully less bots!

    13 march 2019 15:38 1628

    Yes. It happen to me too.

    13 march 2019 16:32 1628

    it is happening.....also the gamejag website is experiencing very much high traffic

    13 march 2019 17:18 1628

    I have noticed that, when I logged into the website.

    13 march 2019 17:22 1628

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