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    The Gunner: Stickman Weapon Hero

    The mobile game by BYV, "The Gunner: Stickman Weapon Hero"
    What is it? Why is it being mentioned on here, Gamehag?
    The reason is simple: The Gunner is an overall good, fun, and simple game, a great way to pass time.
    Let me introduce you to this game about stickmen shooting eachother for no apparent reason!

    Main Menu:

    So, you have downloaded the game and launched it up, for example. After launching the game, you will come across The Main Menu, from here you can:
    1. Play on your own against bots!
    2. Play with a friend with the same device, Online multiplayer is not available, unfortunately.
    3. Adjust your settings just like stated in this picture:

    4. Shopping! From here you can:

    Also You Can:
    5. Kill yourself, you heard that right, no joke. Shooting with an automatic weapon rapidly will cause you to lose balance and fall off the platform. You are rewarded a coin for doing so. Weird isn't it?
    6. Recieve your free gift by shooting it.(Or tapping if it's a daily gift.)


    Now that I have explained the menu and all, let's get to the gameplay. Upon tapping "Play" you come accross a loading screen, when it finishes, you start the game, the shooting!
    Here is a quick visual explanation:

    But that's not all.

    Killing an enemy with a headshot will give you 20 coins. Killing an enemy from any other part will give you 5 coins.
    Shooting an already dead enemy will give you a coin per hit, this is where the automated weapons come to real use!

    Enemies: Enemies are the people you basically shoot. They will spawn with random armory, and skins, they will get stronger, and harder to beat as you kill more.

    Upon Dying, You Will Come Across This Screen:

    From there, you can:

    1. See your stats such as, the amount of people you have killed, your headshot count, how many bullets you've fired, et cetera.
    2. Watch an ad to double your reward!
    3. Replay the game.
    4. Quit to the main menu.

    As the picture states.

    Now That I Have Explained The Game, To My Point:
    The Gunner is, just like I said; an overall fun game, a great way to pass time! The amount of time I have spend shooting random people, enjoying the absurd gore and blood effects, saving money by watching advertisements, and then spending them on a shop item, it was a real pleasure.
    If you can't find anything to do, and you have to, say wait for something, this is the game for you, then.

    In my opinion... Gamehag could add quests for this game, maybe? Earning gems from this game would be fun, it would be swell!

    That's All!

    The source to all information given are by my own personal experience, the game is simple and quick to learn, anyways.
    Pictures are taken from the game, for visual purposes. I've added the texts for explanations.

    That's all, I just wanted to share this game, share my opinions! Thanks for reading my article and have a nice day.

    9 march 2019 19:00 1625

    This game looks really boring, but also very funny..

    9 march 2019 19:32 1625

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