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    Jailbreak review

    Do you like this game or not?

    7 march 2019 20:04 2173

    ....well, if you say "jailbreak or madcity" THEN IM FOR MADCITY BOI. because well, a LOT of reasons, but the most one to me is that in madcity you can just get your phone and just spawn a car or boat or most importantly, a HELICOPTER BOIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII infront of you, in jailbreak tho, its like "good luck finding what ya bought!" .-.

    7 march 2019 23:55 2173

    i know, i LIKE mad city, but, its weird, jailbreak is 1st..

    8 march 2019 17:37 2173

    yeah.. is kinda weird

    8 march 2019 17:41 2173

    Jailbreak is the best game ever in Roblox

    8 march 2019 21:29 2173

    Ehh.. your opinion is your opinion;)

    8 march 2019 21:33 2173

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